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What Happens When Worlds Collide?
9 of 1: A Window to the World
Written and illustrated by Oliver Chin

Berkeley, California (August 1, 2003)- - Frog, Ltd, proudly announces the publication of the graphic novel Nine of One: A Window to the World. Already universally praised by teen librarians in the San Francisco Bay Area, this story follows nine California teenagers who try to make sense of the tumult following one international crisis. The students from James Madison High School are chomping on the bit of adulthood. But in the wake of September 11th, they confront the words and deeds of adults who have tipped their world off its axis.

Called a "comics expert" by the San Jose Mercury News, Oliver Chin creates a compelling blend of fact and fiction. In Nine of One a high school class grapples with the aftershocks of a catastrophe. But their 11th-grade history teacher challenges his students to move forward: can they become reporters and seek answers within a jumble of emotions, facts, and points of view?

With open minds and sharpened pencils, these teens scratch through the surface of misunderstanding to find that this story is not simple or uniform. Fanning out to interview strangers within their midst, these students field a spectrum of opinions from a multicultural community: American and Native American, Afghani and Soviet, Arab and Jew, Asian and Indian, and Latino and Black. Listening to tales from around the world, these students rediscover a time-honored truth. We have to learn from history to not repeat it.

In light of current events, citizens everywhere are still trying to make sense of 9-11. Can the next generation sort out a world, growing smaller by the day but yet more divided? Our future may well depend upon it. Nine of One resonates with students and adults who face an array of adversity from polarized perspectives, and helps point a way for a land of a thousand voices to find common ground.

About the Author
Oliver Chin is a media professional and columnist for Comics and Games Retailer and Comics Buyer's Guide. Drawing for The San Francisco Call and New Mission News, he was the editorial cartoonist for Asian Week and The Harvard Crimson, and brought Japanese comics into the mainstream by selling 16 printings (a U.S. industry record) and 1 million copies of Pokemon #1. Currently he is the Director of Sales and Marketing of North Atlantic Books, based in Berkeley, CA.

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$12.95, paperback, Graphic Novel, 112 pp., 6 5/8 x 10 3/16, ISBN: 1-58394-072-3
North Atlantic Books is a leading publisher of cutting-edge books in alternative health, martial arts, and somatics since 1977. Based in Berkeley, CA, North Atlantic meets the needs of individuals who seek to improve and expand their knowledge about spiritual practice, health, psychology, and lifestyle and global issues. Founded in 1994, the imprint Frog, Ltd. publishes innovative, artistic, and visionary commentaries on the human experience. Visit us at www.northatlanticbooks.com.


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