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Grab Play with your Food

This is the fourth storybook by David Derrick (www.DaveDerrick.com), a veteran animator at Disney.

Everyone loves dinosaurs. But what creatures existed before Jurassic Park?

In the Permian Era, there were no dinos...but these animals were still hungry!

When a small lizard lands on the menu of a larger dimetrodon, it must convince the predator to play with its food!

Dave's first tale was the funny Sid the Squid. His second was Animals Don't, So I Won't! and third was I'm the Scariest Thing in the Jungle!.

Watch Dave's animated YouTube trailer and find out how fun it is to take a break today!

Artist Spotlight - Juan Calle

Juan Calle and his art studio Liberum Donum illustrated the brand new book Good Dream, Bad Dream.

Based in Bogota, Columbia, the team has a dynamic and colorful style. They collaborated with the comic book writer and fantasy fiction author Serena Valentino on their first book.

Once it was successfully funded on Kickstarter, everything was a go! Now everyone can enjoy this great adventure. The boy Julio learns that people, throughout history and around the world, have always relied on heroes and heroines to make their dreams good! Discover these historic guardians of the galaxy!

See more of Liberum Donum's work at www.liberumdonum.com.

Review: The Treehouse Heroes

"Comic book editor, author, and teacher Amara has written a mystical tale. Chau's work in animation is evident in her uniquely designed color illustrations.

In a land where rivers have dried and villagers are cutting old trees, the magical beast Zez finds herself in the care of the Treehouse Heroes, five equally magical beings and their Teacher. But when she is captured by the evil General Moon's bandits, they aren't sure that they can save her.

With a little magic, some wit, and advice from their Teacher, the Treehouse Heroes are able to live up to their name. Once General Moon is defeated and the villagers are free, they learn that they must care for their land. Zez is free to search for an unspoiled wilderness that she can call home.

Comic book and graphic novel fans will find this intricately detailed picture book of interest. RECOMMENDED." - Library Media Connection

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Get ready for the Holidays!

Immedium returns to San Francisco's Kimochi's Birth Silver Bells Arts & Crafts Faire on Saturday, December 13th at the Event Center at St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco, CA.

Mark your calendar and have fun as you get plenty of holiday shopping done at this free one-day event featuring handcrafted items made by more than 90 talented Asian and Pacific Islander artisans.

Justin Time leaps ahead!

The animated TV series Justin Time is coming to the LeapPad this spring.

Also three home video DVDs, produced by Cinedigm, are now available at mass market retailers.

Meanwhile, fans continue to discover and enjoy our official storybook adaptations, The Pancake Express and The Big Pet Story.

The Octonauts are now toys!

Fans worldwide are enjoying The Octonauts' fantastic adventures, that began with our four original storybooks.

In America, The Octonauts TV animated series is a top show the Disney Channel.

Now families can enjoy the toy versions of their favorite characters, submersible Gup vehicles, and Octopod heaquarters.

A rainbow of Fisher-Price action figures, creature assortments, and playsets are available in the USA.